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Privacy Statement
Lavender I.P., Inc. Policy
Lavender I.P. and Inc. (following, our company) recognizes deeply that personal information is important information. Our company uses the information as which the visitor was inputted on dealings only for each operating execution, and has managed it with care.

1. About collection of personal information
In the following cases, our company is collecting personal information.
(1) When a visitor has put in with an order from this site.
(2) When obtaining an inquiry.
(3) When obtaining an opinion and request.

2. About collection and use of personal information
Our company collects by the proper method, after clarifying the collection purpose and obtaining a visitor's consent, when collecting a visitor's personal information. Moreover, in using a visitor's personal information except the collection purpose, it obtains a visitor's consent in advance.
As long as there is no consent, a visitor's personal information is not used other than the original collection purpose.
-About Cookie
As a means for the website of our company, to distinguish a user, Cookie (Cookie) is sent to a user's computer and is the data file recorded.
-About Log file
To this site, information is collected by the log file for analysis of the use situation of a site, and site management.
It uses in order to manage "a visitor's authentication", a "history", etc., and in order to provide a customer with the better service. Our company never will infringe on a visitor's privacy.

3. About the use purpose
The obtained personal information is used in order to offer better service in our company. We use it for the purpose, such as smooth ‚“ite management, designing of the future website of our company, improvement in service, and relations with a visitor.

4. About informational release.
Our company does not release a third person with personal information, in order to perform operating execution smoothly.
However, privacy information shall be disclosed when as follows.
-When public authorities, such as the police and government and municipal offices, are able to ask for an indication based on the authority set to law .
- In order to protect the right of our company, other visitors, and a service provider, profits, honor, trust, etc., when it is judged that our company is required.
-When it is difficult to be the case where there is especially necessity and to obtain his consent for promotion of the improvement in public health, or welfare of a child

5. Safety of personal information
The information inputted in our site using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for the security at the time of a visitor's information being transmitted is enciphered. SSL is applied to all the pages treating personal information.

6. In Addition, Inquiry about Privacy:

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